Must We Do Politics With Everything, Even In These Unusual Times? - NDC's Dela Coffie

Politics of COVID-19 Donations

So, why would anyone of stable mind do politics with the donations made to the COVID-19 fund by former President Mahama and President Akufo-Addo? I mean, why on earth should the donations by the two statesmen be subjected to comparative analysis by partisan falcons?

Must we do politics with everything, even in these unusual times?

COVID-19 has overwhelmed the most sophisticated healthcare systems the world over, and it is wrecking havoc on people.
From the UK to Italy to Germany, and from Spain to France all the way to the US, the effect has been very devastating with thousands of deaths.

And as regional governments stepped up measures to confront the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic, something unique is happening: Conflicts are being set aside for now as allies and foes focus on fighting a new common enemy. In fact, with a few exceptions, the world has never been as peaceful as it is now. It is as if the scourge has neutralised bitter conflicts and in many ways highlighted their triviality.

It has been humbling experience for political/factional leaders, and the clarion call is for all to focus on the common enemy- COVID-19.

But here in Ghana, we are busy politicking, and at each other's throats over mundane matters while the virus continue to spread.

People need to understand that #COVID19 does not care about one's political orientation, neither does it care about your ethnicity, faction or faith. It attacks all.

Let's wake up and begin to act as one people with common destiny, and focus on the common enemy.

Yes, we can!!!