Government Can Do Better To Control COVID-19 - Kumi Guitar

While the government of Ghana has been praised for its interventions to support those who are worst affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Highlife musician, Kumi Guitar says more needs to be done to reach the marginalised.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Kumi Guitar, real name Nana Yaw Kumi said the country’s systems were not flexible enough to support its citizens.

“Even though the government is doing its best, I think more can be done. Some people can’t stay indoors because they don’t have anything to eat.

"Just a segment of the country’s population is under the lockdown and government should be able to cater for those who couldn’t stock up on food.

“The ministers are still enjoying their incentives and they tell us there is no money. They can temporarily sacrifice their incentives to support the system," he said.

Kumi Guitar mentioned markets as one of the problematic areas considering their structure and pleaded with government to do something about it.

“Our market system is bad so in times like this, it’s difficult to stop certain things.

"If there are state owned malls in all the regions which sell all kinds of foodstuff, they will be able to control the situation.

“If the mall is state owned, there will be nothing like hikes in the prices of foodstuff unless the government says so.

"In times like this, the government can decide to even reduce the prices of food, sanitisers and other essentials.

“Not paying water bills for three months is great and I applaud the president for that but it will be great if they do so for electricity.

“People are at home and when their prepaid gets finished, how will they buy the prepaid if they don’t have the money?

"If the electricity is free, it won’t even get finished so the President should kindly look at that,” he stated.

On what he’s been doing since the partial lockdown started, Kumi Guitar said he rehearses to keep himself occupied.

“I rehearse just to keep me busy. Unlike previously when I rehearsed for shows, now I rehearse just to entertain myself and keep me busy.

"I also used to rehearse with a band but now I do it alone at home,” Kumi Guitar said.