What Could Have Happened To Ghanaians If JM Had Not Built New Ridge, UG Hospitals, Others? - Doe Oscar Asks

If it had not been for the great vision Mr John Mahama had while in office, which made him embark on life-saving projects like the new Ridge Hospital and other massive healthcare facility projects, the trouble Ghanaians could have been passing through by now that the world is battling the Coronavirus pandemic is better imagined than experienced.

This is according to HRH Oscar Yao Doe. He praised Mahama's action-oriented leadership and care for all Ghanaians in a public post, this morning. Read the post below..

At This Critical Moment When The Deadly Coronavirus Is Hitting Ghana, Ghanaians Would Have Been Left Naked And Unprotected If It Hasn't Been For H.E, John (Caring) Dramani (Compassionate) Mahama's Foresight And Great Vision To Build Major Hospitals Across Ghana.

JM Is A Patriot, But He Was Portrayed As Super Incompetent and Corrupt. Can You Imagine? And We Bought The Big Scam? But Time Heals.

Boldness Led Him To Replace The Old Ridge Hospital Built in 1920, With A Modern Hospital, With More Than 12 Surgical Theatres, Totaling 465,560 SF. 600 Bed. The Hospital Is Well-Equipped And Treating Coronavirus Patients Currently. Thank God.

The Hospital's Facilities (Include):

1. Phase 1: 307,000 SF, Containing Approximately 400 Modern Orthopaedic Beds,
To Enhance Medical Specialties, Including Public Health.
2. A&E Unit And imaging.
3. Child, OB/Gyn.
4. Dental Care.
5. Maternity Care.
6. Daycare.
7. Day Surgery.
8. NICU.
9. HDU.
10. Administration.
11. Laboratory.
12. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Beds.
13. Respiratory Therapy.
14. Circulatcondensate Water Reuse System.
15. Light Color Exterior Finishes.
16. Controlled Daylight.
17. Harvesting Solar For Water Heating System.

This Is (A Manifestation Of) Action-Oriented Leadership By Someone Who Really Care About People's Healthcare, With Good Intent.

Not Someone Who Is Unable To Add The 2nd Phase of 200 Beds. Same Person Who Has Abandoned, For Over 3 Years, Many Hospitals Meant To Save Lives Accros Ghana (District Hospitals, Polyclinics, Clinics, Health Centers, Etc).

And This Person Shows Up One Day With Announcements, Billboards And Posters, Saying He Cares About People's Healthcare. HOW? It Doesn't Add Up. The Truth Matters.

The Ridge Hospital in Accra Is Clearly A Testimonial Of John Mahama's Great Leadership.

See the photos below: