"Stupid N***a; What At All Do You Want From Me" - Funny Face Quizzes Kalybos, Bismark TheJoke & Lilwin(VIDEO)

Comedian Funny Face went to bed peacefully on Monday night. He probably slept like a baby as the saying goes.

But the humorist, born Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, woke up on Tuesday morning clearly upset, brimming with anger and went on a verbal blitzkrieg.

What could possibly be the reason for his actions? Well, it appears a couple of his colleagues in the industry had incurred his displeasure for allegedly spreading falsehoods about him and were about to bear the brunt of his rage.

Stand firm Bismark The Joke, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin and Kalybos, because here it comes!

In a viral video Funny Face shared across his social media platforms, he angrily accused the trio of the three B's - certainly not what you are thinking - backbiting, badmouthing and betraying him.

“Why Lilwin, Kalybos, Bismark TheJoke why? What have I done wrong? What at all do you want from me? he rhetorically asked.    

While revealing that he once allowed Kalybos to have his way with his (Funny's) lover for the sake of their friendship, the SwagOn-Papa indicated that the afore-mentioned persons have been character assassinating him for far too long and it's time for their comeuppance.

“You Kalybos, stupid n*gga like you. You are so envious of everything that you even wanted a girl I slept with and begged me for her. Foolish man, I gave her to you because the girl too I have seen that she’s a fool, so I make you fire, how many n*ggas go fit do this? You and Lil Win,” he stated.

Shocking, right? Read on.

Funny Face made several other startling disclosures and allegations against his three colleagues and even threatened to expose actress Sandra Sarfo Ababio, who according to him, is Lilwin's lover.

Watch the video below: