Stop Dragging NPP Into EC’s Affairs – Mame Yaa Aboagye To NDC

Deputy Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mame Yaa Aboagye has warned members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to stop dragging the ruling party’s name in the affairs of the Electoral commission.

According to Mame Yaa, the Electoral Commission (EC) is an independent body that has the right to make decisions without interferences.

She made these comments following allegations that the EC’s recent meeting was backed by government.
Some EC officials held a meeting Saturday morning despite a court injunction on a planned workshop by the Commission.

The NDC believes the EC was empowered by the NPP to hold the meeting.

Mame Yaa wants the NDC to note that the EC is not controlled by any political party, hence the NPP has no influence on their decisions nor activities.

She stated that the government is busy fighting against the novel coronavirus pandemic and has no time to succumb to NDC “dirty” politics.

“As a good citizen, one thing I know is Ghana does not belong to one political party that is why we chose democracy. If EC is doing something wrong, NDC should use the appropriate channel to resolve their issue and stop dragging NPP names into their affairs.

“What a confused party…leave NPP out of your wahala because government is focused in fighting against COVID-19; hence will not be distracted. Does it mean that the former EC boss, Madam Charlotte OseI was controlled by the NDC when they were in power…If not, then, why the blame game?...EC is an independent institution that is capable of making its own decision and the earlier NDC understands this the better for them…