Kofi Jumah Features On Gospel Musician Emelia Arthur’s Cooking Show "Ghanaian Kitchen"

One of the secrets of long life of our aged in the society has been what they consume, either solid or liquid.

Sample the views of about ten aged in our society and nine out of the ten will tell you they were particular about what they consume.

Traditionally, every ethnic group in Ghana has their staple food where it is prepared with local ingredients.

 These foods, according to our aged, have been the secrets to their good health and long life, but today, obesity and other forms of illnesses, which were previously associated with the aged, are rampant among young persons due to the junk food we consume.

It was in line with these and many other important reasons why Ghanaians must consume our local food that the ace Made-In-Ghana  Campaign Ambassador and Gospel Music Icon, Emelia Arthur, will soon hit your TV screens with “Ghanaian Kitchen”.

The aims of the cooking programme are to teach how the local dishes are prepared across the country, guests to share their life stories to the youth, to motivate the youth to venture into entrepreneurship instead of waiting for the government to provide them with jobs, promote made in Ghana goods or produce and the need to consume made in Ghana goods.

Dignitaries are invited unto Ghanaian Kitchen to share their life stories to motivate the youth while being assisted by Emelia Arthur to prepare their favorite Ghanaian dish.

The maiden edition of the TV show which would be televised on Home Base TV between the hours of 3pm to 4pm every Saturday would feature the Chief Executive Officer for GIHOC Distilleries, Maxwell Kofi Jumah and the subsequent editions would also feature similar high profile personalities in our society.

 Unlike the other cooking shows which promote other sectors in the economy, the Ghanaian Kitchen would promote and project companies that are manufacturing good and providing services within Ghana.

The maiden edition would be telecast on Saturday, May 2, 2020 between the hours of 3pm to 4pm which the CEO of GIHOC Distilleries, Kofi Jumah, as the guest and guess what he prepared?

Tune in to Home Base TV this and every Saturday and let us all have fun and learn from ‘Kofi Ghana’ as he is affectionately called.