Laurent Gbagbo Can Leave Belgium ‘Under Conditions’ – Says ICC

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has said former Ivory Coast’s President, Laurent Gbagbo, can leave Belgium.

But that, according to the Court, will be under certain conditions.

The International Criminal Court reportedly said so on Thursday, May 28.

It follows Mr. Gbagbo’s acquittal in 2019 after months of trial over post-election violence that killed 3,000 people.

Gbagbo is the first head of state to stand trial in The Hague.

He and his deputy Charles Ble Goude were cleared in early 2019 of crimes against humanity.

That was eight years after his arrest and transfer to the court.

Belgium had agreed to host Gbagbo after he was released under strict conditions, including his return to court for a prosecution appeal against his acquittal.

According to an ICC spokesman, Mr Gbagbo could travel provided the country he was going to agreed to receive him.

It remains uncertain if Gbagbo can return to Ivory Coast, where his Ivorian Popular Front Party is preparing to challenge President Alassane Ouattara’s ruling party in elections scheduled for October.