'Incompetent' EC Had Errors In Invitation Letters; How Much More Compiling A New Register? - PrattĀ 

"If, in just drafting an invitation letter such errors abound, how much more compiling a new voters' register?" Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr's rhetorical question to EC.

Earlier this week, news went viral that there were petty mistakes in the invitation letters sent to the various political parties inviting them to an IPAC meeting. Even though the mistakes were rectified and the letters resent, Kwesi Pratt feels it's "inexcusable".

"If an invitation letter has such mistakes how much more compiling a new voter register…?" he wondered.

The seasoned journalist, who was speaking during a panel discussion on Peace FM's morning show 'Kokrokoo', said making such mistakes smacks of "incompetence".

" . . not only was the time wrong, even the year was also wrong; this raises a substantial issue about competence; incompetence clearly. All these mistakes in just an invitation letter; how much more a major issue like registering voters, millions of voters?... What are we to expect? An institution like the Electoral Commission can't even do proofreading?" he quizzed, and dismissed suggestions it should be blamed on "typo" or the "printer's devil".

According to him, "if this is printers devil then the ones we are going to see in the new register will be revealing and shocking..."