Coalition Wants Climate Change Mainstreamed In Political Activities

The Youth Coalition for promotion of the SDGs in Ghana is demanding the mainstreaming of climate change sensitization into their political activities ahead of the 2020 elections.

The group wants the institution of a deliberate policy of climate change sensitization in all public speeches of party flagbearers, and party leadership at all levels ahead of the 2020 general election.

A statement signed by Gaeten Agbaam, the Convener and copied to the Ghana News Agency said, Ghana continued to face adverse impact of climate change effects with threats to food security, livelihoods, water, sanitation, hydropower and health.

It said political parties during election campaigns make promises to provide school blocks, hospitals, roads but less on climate change and the environment.

The statement said recent findings from the Afrobarometer 2018 survey in Ghana indicated that about 48 per cent of Ghanaians had no knowledge whatsoever about climate change.

It said out of the 52 per cent that profess knowledge of climate change, only 21 per cent understand the phenomena, the positives and negative it poses.

The statement urged political parties to drive the climate change sensitization agenda with their huge public platforms to disseminate more educational messages including; the need to protect the environment and desist from activities that increase the threat of climate change.