Things Travelers Love To Do In Ghana

Ghana has always been a special country in Africa mostly because it was a hub during the times of the Transatlantic Slave Trade which means a lot of African-Americans could probably retrace their roots to Ghana.

It’s known to be a country full of bustling cities along the cost and a flourishing arts scene. And of course the food is unbelievable. Up until 1957, Ghana was a British colony and known as the Gold Coast.

The capital Accra is probably where majority of the travelers first land and get their currencies changed into the local Ghanaian Cedi. The conversion is around 5 cedis to an American dollar. While you may be tempted to spend your money on all the sports betting you see around the town much like the best betting sites in the UK, once you leave the city to explore a bit more of the country you'll find enough things to spend your money on. If you ever find yourself in Ghana, here's a list of things you might love to do.


Being the capital city, there are tons of things to do in Accra. To begin with, one must visit the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park which is a park dedicated to Ghanian revolutionary Kwame Nkrumah who went on to become Ghana's first president as well as the prime minister. One must also check out the Black Star Gate which is just walking distance from the above mentioned park.

This is where all the major festivities take place and it makes for a great photo for your instagram. Also don't miss the Makola Market which, as you can imagine, is a hugely busy market where one can get absolutely anything one wants.