CPP Targets Kumbungu Parliamentary Seat

The Convention People’s Party (CPP), with Mr Nabila Alhassan Basiru as its parliamentary candidate, is poised to wrest the Kumbungu seat in the Northern Region from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) come December 7.

The Party lost the seat in 2016 to NDC’s candidate Mr Ras Mubarak, the incumbent Member of Parliament.

Mr Basiru, after touring registration centres in the Kumbungu Constituency, said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency that the Party was poised to taking back the seat with adequate measures in place to actualize the dream.

“These measures include restructuring of the base of the Party, empowerment of polling station executives with a renewed vow, and mobilisation of the youth to register more in the ongoing registration exercise,” he said.

Other campaign strategies had been employed and carried out by the youth to make a strong statement in terms of influencing the voting pattern in December, Mr Basiru said.

The CPP parliamentary aspirant said he would offer consultative leadership in the Constituency while representing the views and aspirations of the people in Parliament.

He said he would introduce a youth consultative programme called Community Project where the youth in each community of the Constituency would have a say in projects to be executed when elected as a member of parliament.

“Their views in my leadership will matter because I’m one of them and we are the majority and representing the future of the Constituency,” he said.

Mr Basiru said he would lobby the Government for social intervention projects such as rural electrification, schools, healthcare and sports facilities, water projects, and micro financial support to enhance the living conditions of the people.

He said he would use the allocation of his common fund to support education growth with emphasis on needy students “as education is key to enlightening the minds of our people.”

The parliamentary aspirant said he would be available to the people as their messenger and servant through an interaction programme he would introduce in the first quarter of his administration as a lawmaker.