You Have Never Supported Anybody’s Movie In Your Entire Life – Kobi Rana Blasts Yvonne Nelson

Movie director, producer and actor, Kobi Rana, has taken fellow creative Yvonne Nelson to the cleaners over her recent comments about lack of support in Ghana's entertainment industry.

The Kiss Me If You Can star took to social media to accuse Yvonne of preaching virtue and practicing vice in her claims of unsupportive colleagues.
Kobi Rana's post on social media read: "You have never posted or supported anybody's movie in your entire life. Today, you cry about support. Let us not preach LOVE and practice otherwise. We are ALL involved in making the INDUSTRY strong."
The "Thank You To My Ex" singer indicated that Yvonne Nelson had never supported any movie produced by industry colleagues but was now crying out after the same treatment was meted out to her.
He went on to admonish the Heels and Sneakers star to support others if she also wanted to be supported. Kobi Rana's comments come on the back of claims made by Yvonne Nelson to the effect that players in the entertainment industry were unsupportive of each other.
"I woke up this morning just thinking...... I DONT GET WHY INDUSTRY PEOPLE HATE EACH OTHER SO MUCH!!!! Like can you be happy when someone wins? And such wins are actually for GH Imagine being a blackstar player and hating when another player scores for GH!"
"Ghanaian entertainment industry = you’d have to actually tell peeps in the industry to push your work.....they see it and ignore! Im THANKFUL the fans BELIEVE in me! Afterall i do this for the FANS"
“An INDUSTRY full of HATE & JEALOUSY. Learn to love one another and see how God will BLESS you!”, Yvonne Nelson tweeted.
The actress also added that the entertainment industry was full of hatred and jealousy. The CEO of YN Productions took to Twitter to bemoan the current state of the industry and quizzed why her colleagues always adopted such a posture.