No Pills Or Buttocks Enlargement . . . I'm Grateful For What God Has Given Me - Akosua Agyapong Advises Young Girls

Veteran female entertainer, Akosua Agyapong has advised young girls to stop altering their bodies all in the name of getting big buttocks or breasts or even tampering with their facials to look beautiful.

The evergreen mother of six children with eldest being of age 25 shared secrets of her beauty in an interview with host Halifax Ansah Addo on Okay FM's 'Best Entertainment'.

According to her, she doesn't add any additives or enhancement materials to her body nor engage in liposuction (buttocks enlargement).

She stated that she is okay with what her Maker has given her to look beautiful and the only thing she does to stay beautifully young in old age is to do what she likes.

"I love my body too much for me to go and do that thing. I'm grateful for what God has given me, so I won't alter my body," she said.

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