My Failed Plastic Surgery Led Me Into Depression – Popular Ghanaian Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Confidence Haugen has opened up on long-rumoured secrets surrounding series of failed plastic surgeries she had engaged herself in.

Confidence has confessed that she hated her tiny breast which had a huge areola and to make matters worse, they were sagging despite her young age.

She said her quest for fuller breasts caused her to go under the knife, as far back as 1999 when she made a trip to England.

Desparate, yet naive of the breast implant process she was going to undertake, Confidence said she agreed to all the terms and conditions, a mistake which almost cost her beauty.

I did not like the surgery at all; I hated it because when I came out, I was just not happy with what I saw. It was not the size I wanted and everything was just so wrong about it.

The procedure, she said, worsened her plight and forced her to have a second surgery after her breast continued sagging.

The second operation demanded she undertook a breast and areola reduction to uplift the tissue and fat but that also failed woefully.

“The areola was cut but one was bigger; there was a mismatch but I was given the assurance that after six months, everything will be back to normal. A year and half later, things were still not alright,” she said in a very sad tone.

Confidence said after years of depression, a friend introduced her to a surgeon who did a perfect sculpture on her chest area, adding a liposuction around her belly and inner thigh.

After experience taught her a bitter lesson, Confidence is advising ladies who wish to have surgeries to do some research, as well as demand for photos of the surgeons’ previous works just to be sure of what they are going into.