Hearts Don’t Need Razak Again --Official

Returnee Hearts of Oak midfielder, Patrick Razak, could see his dreams of returning to the club become a mirage after a highly-placed source hinted that the club would not engage his services.

Since his return from a botched sojourn in Guinea to seek greener pastures, Hearts fans have rallied support for the diminutive right winger to be included in the team to aid in their upcoming Premier League campaign.

However, the Hearts source hinted that the circumstances under which the 25-year-old player left the club for a better life abroad did not make a strong case for his inclusion in the team.

''If he had succeeded wherever he went, do you think he would have come back to Accra Hearts of Oak?,” asked the source in an interview with the Graphic Sports yesterday.

The former Tamale Utretcht academy player who joined the Phobians in 2015 was at the heart of a controversial transfer saga to Guinean side Horoya two seasons ago, but had to return after an unsuccessful spell in the West African country.

The source noted that when Hearts were in dire need of the services of the Somanya-born forward he snubbed them for supposed greener pastures overseas, and now that he could not succeed abroad he wanted to use his former club as a launch pad to revive his career.

''The club gives them [players] the platform and expose them to the world but when the club needs their assistance they decide not to play for the same club that gave them the opportunity,” added the source in condemnation of perceived lack of commitment by the current generation of players.

''Those who have played Hearts in the past were very committed, people like Emmanuel Christian Briandt, Ofei Dodoo, Adu Darko, Amadu Akuse, Addo Odamtey, Joe Addo, Ablade Kumah and Shamo Quaye, but now we don’t see that commitment in the current crop of players.”

The source noted that because the player abandoned the club when he.was needed most they could not  accept him back to the team because it would send a wrong signal to other players to think they can abandon the team at anytime and come back when things went wrong.