Blame Electoral Violence On Politicians’ Quest For Wealth - Nunoo-Mensah

A former Chief of Defence Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces, Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah (Rtd) has said the violence that mars Ghana’s electioneering processes is resultant of the use of power by politicians to enrich themselves.

Speaking on TV3’s Election Command Centre show, Nunoo-Mensah stated that most politicians seek power for self gain, hence, they resort to any means including violence to achieve their aim.

“If you get power you get what you want and rather than going to serve the people the politicians use the power to be rich and make themselves comfortable. That to me is the biggest danger that we face. They do not go to serve the people.

He believes that there is the need for politics to be redefined in Ghana to concentrate on the service to humanity.

“So we need to look at the nature of our politics which has changed to become no service to humanity to become a business.”

He said “there are quite a few reasons for electoral violence in Ghana but the one that is paramount is that elections have become a business.

Ghana's eighth consecutive general election under the 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution is slated for December,7,2020