The Future of Online Gaming in Africa

One of the world’s only regions with an increasing youth population, Africa has the most significant number of young adults which constitutes a large chunk of growth prospects for the mobile and gaming industry collectively.

While the African entertainment sector’s making new inroads with locally produced Netflix content, several other local productions have been elected for global awards that include the Oscars. Furthermore, government programs are now adopting gaming solutions for educational objectives as well. Such promotions provide ample opportunities for the gaming industry in Africa.

Gaming Industry in Africa
Owing to changing global conditions, the gaming business and entertainment streaming have been flourishing and with cancelled sporting events on a global scale have left gamers without live games to wager on, sports wagering too has suffered drastic revenue loss.

With mobile gaming generating close to ½ of the industry’s revenue, more than 200 million African citizens below 35 years attract a huge market for smartphones and gaming prospects. More than 50% of the African populace own mobile games of which 25% use smartphones. Nowadays, with advanced mobile technologies, it is far easier for the gaming community to wager money at portals like Betway and others, using their smartphones. According to research, mobile gaming’s quite popular in remote corners of Africa, with over 290 million using mobile phones in North Africa.

The Legal Backdrop
Ghana, Kenya, Congo, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and Senegal are experiencing increased growth in sports betting and online gaming. However, most African countries have gaming laws and commissions regulated the activity. South Africa was one of the first to create gaming regulations in the continent. While these nations restrict or ban online gaming, online casinos are quite popular and gamers tend to play with offshore gaming companies. For instance, there are several online bingo sites that you can play on now.

But, laws, regulations and piracy issues in addition to fraud concerns during gaming transactions can have an adverse impact on the growth of the Gaming Market.