Election 2020: "Combat Ready" Mame Yaa Leaves No Stone Unturned, Charges Youth To Go Extra Mile

Deputy Communications of the NPP, Mame Yaa Abogye has charged her party faithfuls to go the extra mile to cement victory for the Akufo-Addo administration during the December 7 general elections.

Mame Yaa is optimistic President Akufo-Addo will win the elections by a landslide victory.

Speaking after the launch of the NPP Ashanti Regional Campaign team in Kumasi, she said ''I am confident of a resounding victory in the December 7 election. All I am asking is a little push coupled with hard work and focused for another massive victory due to the outstanding performance of the NPP government''.

She further admonished the women groups in the party to mobilize,  empower and sensitize the grass roots about the achievements of the incumbent government.

We are not leaving any stone unturned. We are consolidating our gains and protecting our progress for election 2020 and beyond”, she stated.