"Don't Follow People To Marry" - Rev. Charlotte Oduro Counsels

Ghanaian Counselor, Rev. Charlotte Oduro has urged young people not to rush into marriage.

Rev. Charlotte Oduro advised that before a person commits to marry, he or she should thoroughly assess himself or herself.

She said the person must ensure he or she fully understands the intricacies of the marriage institution.

In an interview on Okay FM's Drive Time, the Counselor explained that marriage entails both good and bad events but the couple must stay together in marriage no matter the challenges.

"You can marry a man and for two years, he's active in bed but an unfortunate thing could happen and he can't perform well in bed again. Are you going to divorce him because he's not performing? There is more to marriage than this. You stand with the man because you see beyond. You pray for him. You stand in every storm. Marriage is not all good'," she told host Abeiku Santana.

Counselor Charlotte further admonished single people not to "follow people to marry. Build your own foundation. You can enjoy the marriage if you understand what marriage is all about. You can go through the storms if you really understand where you're heading to. Get the right person on the journey because it's not an easy road".