Upper East NPP, NDC And PPP Commit To Reduce Road Accidents

Leadership of some political parties in the Navrongo Central constituency including the NDC, NPP and PPP have pledged to be disciplined on the roads especially during political campaigns to ensure no crashes or accidents are recorded before, during and after the December 7 polls.

They made this pledge at a forum organized by the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) in the Upper East region in collaboration with the Regional Police command for some selected political party representatives on safe driving/riding.

Upper East Regional Head of the National Road Safety Authority, Mr. Dennis Yeribu in his address stressed that road traffic crashes and fatalities especially during election years are always on the rise in the region and cannot continue hence the initiative to meet and educate leadership of the political parties.

He further noted that leaders from the NPP, NDC and PPP have agreed to be road safety ambassadors and will ensure their members comply with all safety practices on the road.

"We record a crash almost every time a political figure pays an official visit to the region and the casualties are mostly the motor riders. These are needless and preventable crashes. With the campaign season gaining momentum, candidates of the various political parties will begin visiting the region to campaign but we are confident that our engagement with representatives of the parties will ensure that no accidents are recorded," he said.

Planning Manager for the National Road Safety Authority in the Upper East region, Mr. Sheriff Appiah addressing the gathering urged motor riders to shun engaging in excessive displays with the motorbikes during the visit of their candidates which he says often inconveniences other road users.

Mr. Appiah further noted that most crashes recorded have been traced to the intake of alcohol thus appealed to the party supporters to avoid the act as that could also endanger the lives of other innocent road users.

Station officer at the Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD) in Navrongo Inspector Emmanuel Adornu on his part urged the party members especially motor riders who lead the convoy of political leaders to be disciplined and cautious on the road emphasizing that the MTTD is determined to ensure an accident free campaign season before, during and after the elections.

Representatives of the NDC, NPP and PPP lauded the initiative and commended the National Road Safety Authority for what they describe as a timely intervention.

"We are committed to whatever we have learnt here and we will ensure that we drive and ride safely anytime our leaders visit the region to campaign or hold rallies. We will personally handover any of our member who misbehaves to the police to be dealt with," NDC constituency Youth Organizer, Adongo Prosper stated.

The forum according to the Upper East Regional Office of the National Road Safety Authority will be replicated in other major towns in the region as part of efforts to prevent needless road traffic crashes not only during the elections but also the Christmas holidays.