2020 Election: Vote Out Ahmed Ibrahim; Abronye Dc To Banda Electorates

The Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party Kwame Baffoe also referred to as Abronye DC has charged the electorates in Banda Constituency to vote out the current NDC member of Paliament Hon Ahmed Ibrahim because of incompetent.

He said as a matter of conviction, he cannot comprehend how and why former President Dramani Mahama and Ahmed Ibrahim would move heaven and earth to return to the presidency considering their woeful performances office.

Chairman Abronye was speaking to teeming party supporters at a regional rally organised on Wednesday at Banda Boase in the Banda Constituency in the Bono Region.

The rally was part of the Regional chairman's agenda of ensuring operations win all seats in the region agenda and also secure a landslide victory for President Akufo-Addo.

Chairman Abronye argued that the fact however remains that the rot in the erstwhile NDC government was as pervasive as the odour of garlic and therefore voting them back to the seat of government will be an economic suicide for the state.

He explained that a large portion of Ghana’s scarce resources earmarked for the Banda Constituency, regrettably, ‘decanted’ into the drains due to the irrevocable mismanagement and the wanton corruption perpetrated by Ahmed Ibrahim and his erstwhile NDC.

The highly confident chairman said NPP is not eying just only the 2020 election, but 2024, 2028, and the 2032 election to the cheering of the teaming supporters at Banda Boase.

He cautioned the people to be vigilant on the elections day and verify whether the ballot papers have been authenticated or not by the electoral commission in order to reduce spoilt ballots.

Joining him were Regional Secretary Kofi Ofosu Boateng, 1st Vice Chairman Mr Joseph Mensah, The parliamentary candidate who doubles as the CEO, Middle Belt Development Authority Hon Joe Danquah, the Deputy Regional Organizer Kofi Darko, Financial Secretary Mr Henry Oppong, the party’s communications director Asare Bediako Seth together with Party faithfuls.