ECG Partners POBAD To Install Electric Vehicle Charging System Across Ghana

As the global push for electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing, Ghana does not want to be left behind in this initiative.
To this, Ghana's Southern electricity distribution company, ECG is collaborating with POBAD International, a wholly-owned Ghanaian technology firm, to install electric vehicle (EV) charging systems in some strategic locations across the country to enable Ghanaians who have taste for EVs and want to own one to be able to charge them.
In 2019, Ghana's electricity regulator, Energy Commission, launched the 'Drive Electric Initiative' as part of an effort to promote the use of electric-powered vehicles for the transportation needs of Ghanaians.
Since the launching of the initiative, ECG started collaborating with market players to closely monitor the EV trend in Ghana in order to focus on the provision of appropriate and safe charging systems for EV users.
On Thursday, November 19, 2020, ECG, in collaboration with POBAD International, launched the EV charging system with a test run of an EV to officially add Ghana to the register of countries that are introducing the new technology in their transportation industry.
Speaking at the launching of the initiative, Managing Director of ECG, Kwame Agyeman-Budu, said his outfit had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with POBAD International Ltd to pilot the operations of the EV charging system in strategic locations in Accra over the next three months.
The pilot, he said, would afford ECG the opportunity to carry out a thorough engineering and commercial studies into the effects of the EV charging system on EC's electricity distribution networks, the energy consumption rate of the different charging systems, and any other issues.
According to him, the results from the pilot would guide all interested parties, namely automobile dealers, EV charging companies, EV users, regulators, and policymakers to contribute meaningfully to the development of the EV subsector in Ghana.