Yamoransa Model Resource Center - The Originator Of The Yamoransa Model by HAF & FYF

The “Yamoransa Model” (YM) is a unique ongoing partnership between the Helping Africa Foundation (HAF), Friends of Yamoransa Foundations (FYF), and communities to encourage sustainable development through technology.
The YM is funded by HAF in partnership with FYF, two US-based foundations. The YM is managed by IMPLEMENTERS a Ghanaian project management non-profit organization.

The YM Origination

The YM originated out of an idea to provide an ICT Center for the people of Yamoransa in 2012 through a Yale Alumni Service Corps Initiative. In 2018, the model finally evolved into a tool to empower communities and drive social impact through a well-structured process aimed at sustainable development.
The model’s portfolio has a wide range of components which includes projects and programs such as the YM Labs Program, the YM Vision Screening Project, the YM Livelihoods Project among others. 

The Yamoransa Model Resource Center (YMRC)

The first YM lab was built in Yamoransa to house a 40-seater Educational Lab in 2016. The building which housed this lab had 3 other compartments that were not occupied at the time.
As the Yamoransa Model kept on evolving, it identified the need to upgrade the first-ever built YM facility. The facility now has 4 units, one of which is occupied by the ICT center.
The other 3 spaces have now been upgraded to have a 100-seater conference room for events and workshops; a Home Economics Center with Catering and Sewing facilities and finally a Makerspace with Robotics equipment, 3D printing and Augmented /Virtual Reality learning facilities.
The fully furnished facility now deems fit to be called a “Resource Center” hence the name Yamoransa Model Resource Center (YMRC). On Thursday, November 26, 2020, the YMRC was re-dedicated by the Helping Africa Foundation in the presence of traditional leaders from Yamoransa and other nearby communities, the Mfantseman Municipal Chief Executive, and members of the Ghana Education Service.

The YMRC is now open for use by the people of Yamoransa and other nearby communities - especially learners as well as the general public. The conference room - stocked for rental purposes, is a component of sustainability added to ensure that the facility has its own internally generated funds for maintenance.
The Home Economics Center is meant to facilitate vocational education for students by providing an avenue for hands-on practice and training.
This unit is also another component added not only to provide skills to meet academic requirements but ultimately to contribute to their sustainable livelihoods of both the learners and the community. The unit is also to take orders and generate IGF to sustain the center.

The Sustainability Plan

The YMRC has a sustainability plan including having its own power and water sources to ensure their guaranteed availability.
There are plans to use solar energy as has been done with the other YM Labs. The Conference Room is open for rental to the public to generate revenue to run the center independently.
The home economics center will also churn out some catering and services to the general public only on request as its main aim is for student practice education.