Famous Yamoransah Fanti Kenkey Hub To Get A Face-Lift - Jane Opoku-Agyemang

A trip to and from Cape Coast is not complete until one buys the famous Yamoransah Junction Fanti Kenkey in Cape Coast.
Although the fanti kenkey hub is famous and continues to feed several homes, their place for selling kenkey is nothing to write home about.
The sellers have been left to work under difficult terrain and are at the mercies of the weather.
Successive governments have failed in their promises to give the traders a better location to sell their kenkey.
However,  Running Mate of the NDC, Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang has assured the traders that the next NDC administration, when voted into power, will construct a proper shelter to keep them safe as they engage in their business.
The Running Mate of the NDC, said this when she made a stop over at Yamoransah Junction to interact with traders as part of her wrap tour of the Central Region.
She observed that the traders hawk on the shoulders of the road, which she described was dangerous. She however acknowledged that they need to feed their families and as such opted to manage the risk. She said they were striving under the hot sun to keep feeding their families, society and nation.
This, she said, signifies their untold stories in nation building. In many ways, they have become “the forgotten women of Yamoransah”
She said John Dramani Mahama was a man of his word and he would deliver on this promise, indicating that the NDC was a party for everyone including women.
She assured them that under a John  and Jane government, they will never be forgotten.
She  educated the traders on how to cast their vote to be accepted as valid.