Election 2020: Will You Rule Over Ashes? Go To Court If You Have Evidence - Koku Tells NDC Leadership

Chief Executive Officer of the Atta Mills Institute, Koku Anyidoho says his loyalty to the late President John Evans Atta Mills will stay on even in his grave due to the way he handled the 2004 election results.

According to the former Deputy General Secretary for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the party under the leadership of the late President Atta Mills had every reason to fight the 2004 Presidential results which was 'declared' by the late Jake Obetsebi in favour of former President Kufuor, but the late President Atta Mills allowed it pass when NDC supporters wanted to react.

Speaking on Okay FM’s 'Ade Akye Abia' Morning Show, Koku Anyidoho maintained that the NDC had every reason to believe that the party had won the 2004 election but the late President Mills being a good, wise and God-fearing leader accepted the outcome of the Presidential results.

“One of the reasons why I will stay loyal to the late President Atta Mills even in his grave is that in 2004, NDC encountered a similar thing. The late Jake declared the results and pronounced President Kufuor as the winner but the NDC had every reason to believe that the NDC won the election, but when you have a good leader, and a wise leader who loves his country and fears God, he said we should let it go and allow the NPP to rule because 4 years will soon elapse and Ghanaians will make him President,” he stated.

He believes that any attempt by any leader to go contrary to the interest of the country for his personal interest is trading his goodwill for good; thus, it was the goodwill of the late President Mills that kept him going in 2008 when the NDC won the election.

“If one after one election you burn your goodwill, how do you win the next election? Just because of one election results, you burn all your goodwill, how do you win the next election? It is the same Ghanaians you will go to but you are burning all your goodwill now, how do you enter the next election?”, he wondered.

“President Atta Mills said in 2004 that he wouldn’t become a President on the drop of innocent blood and Ghanaians celebrated him as “Asomdwehene” and in 2008 they rewarded him with the Presidency because he was a man of peace,” he recounted.

“But if you want to become a President and every blood must drop, what will you do with the power after winning? Results have been declared and if you have any evidence, go to court to seek redress,” he cautioned.

He said that the country cannot turn into ashes in order for someone to become a President; thus, ashes cannot become ministers, appointees, and DCEs and even Parliamentarians after the country is burnt to ashes.

“You want to rule this country and so the country must burn before you rule it, is that not it? So, you will come and rule over ashes after the country is burnt? You will become a President over ashes so that ashes will become ministers and ashes will become your appointees and DCEs and then you talk to ashes in Parliament; is that not it?”, he inquired.

“The country does not belong to certain people; it belongs to all of us. A country governed by rules, the EC has declared the Presidential results and if you have any issue, challenge the results in court,” he chided.