Kenyans Angry Naomi Campbell Appointed Tourism Ambassador

Kenyans on Twitter have lashed out at the tourism ministry for appointing British model Naomi Campbell, instead of a Kenyan, as the ambassador for Kenyan tourism board.

Tourism Minister Najib Balala in a statement said the announcement was exciting news to the sector.

Ms Campbell congratulated the government for infrastructural developments related to tourism like the upgrading of the Malindi Airport at the coast and the international accreditation of a golf course in Vipingo Ridge.

But some felt the ambassadorial role for so-called Magical Kenya should have been given to a Kenyan making an impact internationally like actress Lupita Nyong'o or comedian Elsa Majimbo.

Kenyans online had this to say:

"Why did we not pick our own Lupita Nyong'o buy Kenya build Kenya promoting our own," Victor Amalemba tweeted.

"Why didn't Ajuma Nasenyana not get the position and she is Kenyan, why didn't Lupita not get the offer and she is Kenyan, why didn't Debra Sanaipei not get the position and she is Kenyan.. what was the criteria for selection? Non Kenyan?" Syombua Kibue tweeted.

"Please stop with this Elsa instead of Naomi Campbell debate. Wealthy people may laugh at your jokes, but on buying/spending decisions, perceived influencer authenticity and inaccessibility is what keeps luxury, luxury," Kathambi Kaaris tweeted.