Give Cecilia Marfo A 'Mighty Slap' To Drive Away Her 'Madness' If... - Diana Asamoah Charges Gospel Musicians

Gospel musician cum Evangelist, Diana Asamoah has 'slapped' back at gospel singer turned Prophetess Cecilia Marfo over her recent public act that has received wide criticisms on social media.

Cecilia Marfo made the news in 2017 after slapping her fellow gospel musician Brother Sammy at her worship concert in Kumasi.

The Prophetess repeated her action but this time in a different fashion during a thanksgiving concert held recently which saw in attendance gospel singer Joyce Blessing.

In a viral video, Joyce Blessing was seen singing but couldn't end her song due to an interruption by Cecilia Marfo.

Like the speed of sound, Cecilia Marfo stormed the stage, snatched Joyce Blessing's microphone and began rebuking her.

She told the ''unbreakable'' woman to return to her ex-husband, stressing she (Cecilia) was speaking the mind of God concerning Joyce Blessing.

Cecilia Marfo's act has been described by many people as awkward and not biblical.

Touching on the issue, Diana Asamoah has charged gospel musicians in the country not to spare Cecilia Marfo should she repeat her act on them.

She called on any gospel singer who will encounter a similar action from Cecilia Marfo to land a mighty slap on the face of the latter to drive away her ''madness''.

''Any gospel musician who will meet Cecilia Marfo at a programme and she will come up to do what she did recently, slap her. Wrap the microphone cable around her and make sure you fight her. If you had done that to her twice or thrice, she would stopped her foolishness. If I, Diana Asamoah, were on stage and you come because you want to trend, we would trend till we reach Kosovo. 

''This is my advice to all musicians. Should you do this to her two or three times, she would wake up. If it's madness, she will wake up from it but if indeed it's the move of the Holy Spirit, when you hit her; something will happen to you. But because it's not from God but from her own mind because she wants to trend, because she is destroying her name for serving fetish gods and wants to trend; you see what God has done to you. Your name will keep coming down!'', Diana Asamoah said in a video recording that has gone viral.

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