Akrobeto Featured on ESPN News Again – Video

Akrobeto still remains the best comedian in Ghana by a country mile.

Everyone else, and I mean everyone, is playing in a different league.

Those with big heads who call themselves the ‘King of Comedy’ are not even in the conversation!

Over the past few months, Akrobeto has managed to get himself featured on almost every big sports blog in the world. Foreign tv stations from France, Spain, and many other countries have interviewed him and even foreign YouTube content creators have reviewed his videos. He has become a legit global sports comedy icon.

His star continues to rise as he’s now been featured once again by a global sports giant, this time ESPN.

ESPN shared a video of Man United legend Rio Ferdinand confidently predicting that Manchester United would beat Sheffield United before Sheffield dismantled them 2-1.

The video ends with a legendary laugh from Akrobeto, the now global superstar.

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