Watch As Two Pastors Disgracefully Fight Over A Spot To Preach In The Streets – Video

It was an eyesore when two street pastors clashed at the Ikeja bus stop in Lagos, Nigeria to fight on who is supposed to stand there and preach.

One of the most lucrative business ventures is street preaching and that field is chocked to the brim not only in Ghana but in Nigeria.

Walk almost every nook and cranny and you are sure to find a man or woman with a microphone and a small sound system and a box preaching.

A viral video has captured two preachers who were seriously arguing on who was supposed to occupy a spot to preach the word of God.

They quarreled and it almost turned to about because none will agree and let the other preach at their ‘anointed place’– more like their cash cow.

Watch the video below.

Moment two preachers fight over preaching space in Ikeja, Lagos 🤭

— Laila Ijeoma | (@LailaIjeoma) January 29, 2021