NPP NYO Race; Is The Search Over? NPP ABANGA Maintains Early Lead

With over a year for the New Patriotic Party to hold another delegates conference which will see the election of a new set of National Executive body that will steer the affairs of the party for another 4year term.

The race to get a replacement for the NPP Youth Organizer seems more interesting and gathering huge momentum.

Poll after poll has shown that one Abanga Fusani Yakubu popularly known as NPP Abanga continues to lead the pack making him be tipped as one of the contenders to beat should in case he avails himself to contest the position in the future.

A lot of polls administered on Social Media platforms demonstrate that NPP Abanga is the party’s young people’s favorite and his “OBIAA B3 DIDI” agenda has been embraced by the broad masses of the party’s youth.

The latest poll conducted on 27th February 2021 asked respondents “Who do you think would be the best replacement as a National Youth Organizer for the NPP”. The poll received 1,094 respondents and NPP Abanga led the other contenders with 71.6%. His close contender Salam Mustapha got 18.8% of the votes with another contender, Pope, placing 3rd in the polls.

NPP Abanga is credited with making grassroots mobilization a major plank of his campaign thereby winning the hearts and minds of the most politically sophisticated young people in Ghana – the NPP youth. The polls are therefore an indication that the youth people in NPP want to go the direction of grassroots mobilization in order to break the two-term jinx under the Fourth Republic.

You would recall that earlier polls also put NPP Abanga ahead of his contenders. In one such poll created on Facebook by Opeimu Woyome for an NPP youth group, NPP Abanga took the lead with 547 votes with Salam and Pope securing 315 and 155 votes respectively. Similarly, the OBiaa B3 Didi campaigner led another Poll created by Jojo Stephen for an NPP youth group on Facebook called NPP AGENDA 2020 AND BEYOND. In that 25th February poll, NPP Abanga secured some 386 votes with the contenders who placed second and third securing 190 and 86 votes respectively.

The analyst has said that If the polls administered on Social Media platforms that were targeted at young people in the party are anything to go by, they demonstrate that NPP Abanga can pull a huge surprise in the future. But could this analysis be consistent with what the electorates will decide? We live to see.