Fear Of God Superintends All Adversaries - Mr Dzamesi

Mr Joseph Dzamesi, a Deacon of Church of Christ, Ho Central branch has said that the fear the Lord superintends all others.

He said Christians should not allow the fear of men to override that of God and explained that when Christians fear their adversaries rather than God it destroys their lives and rather delights the enemy, 'Satan.'

Mr Dzamesi, who was preaching on the theme, "Fear not," said followers of Jesus Christ who put fear in themselves and fear others insult the sovereignty, providence, and power of God.

He admonished that fear enslaves and makes that individual feel tormented physically, spiritually, and emotionally, therefore one needs to break from the shackles of fear.

He said, "When you are afraid of taking risks, that business idea you have cannot materialise because of the fear that something might go wrong."

Mr Dzamesi said, "Fear not, success comes to those who are courageous."