The Strategy Behind Ahn Fire Digital’s Viral Sports Content

Every day, millions of people wake up and instantly reach for their phones to see what their day has to offer, whether it be to check the forecast or the morning news. They’re our instant connection to everything happening around the world. An increasing number of individuals have begun turning to the multiple social media platforms on the market to get their daily dose of news.

A survey done by Pew Research Center in 2016 showed that a whopping 62% of adults got their news from social media, with 18% of those doing so regularly.

With numbers that high, one must ask himself or herself, “How verifiable can the internet be?” Much like any platform that provides news, individuals should take what they read with a grain of salt. However, though authenticity can be questioned, it’s undeniable that the easy access to worldwide news on our phones is preferred among most over reading a newspaper or watching the news on television.

Social media has become more than a platform for everyday people to get their news; journalists are also enlisting its help for their work. A survey by Muck Rack showed that 83% of journalists say Twitter is their most valuable social media platform for finding and sharing news. This comes as no shock, as the platform currently has over 350 million users, meaning there’s limitless information to share.

These ever-growing numbers have inspired more individuals to begin their own news publications on the world wide web, with one such person being Brad Ahn, the founder and CEO of Ahn Fire Digital. The sports-based publication reports on all news related to each team within the NFL and NBA and has amassed itself an impressive following across several social media platforms.

Now with a prominent following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, his brands, Ahn Fire Digital, Dolphin Nation, Cavaliers Nation, Lakers Daily, and Heat Nation, have become go-to sources for many people looking for authentic and exclusive news regarding the sports industry. He is the perfect example of the heights social media can take one’s business to, and moving forward, Brad has big plans of continuing this success.

Another great reason for taking one’s publication to social media is the reach one can achieve. For example, the website for the LA Times gets roughly 32.5 million monthly visitors, while Brad is currently able to hit 10 million pageviews per month across all of his publications, a number he’s doubled in just a year. That comparison puts into perspective just how big of an impact social media can make when it comes to expanding a company, something all entrepreneurs should keep in mind.