EC’s Communication Strategy the Best in History – JOY 2012 Dismisses NMC’s Call For Media Advisory Committee

Jacob Osei Yeboah, popularly known as JOY 2012, a 2012 and 2016 independent Presidential candidate has described as ‘marvelous' work done by the Electoral Commission in the 2020 elections.

His comment comes after some media watchers questioned the mode of communication used by the country's Electoral Management body during the 2020 elections at a post-election review, Tuesday, April 27.

The Executive Secretary of the National Media Commission (NMC), Mr. George Sarpong addressing a forum of stakeholders from political parties and Civil Society groups, said the EC needs a media Advisory Committee to correct it poor mode of communication and just issuance of Press releases.

He smells danger ahead if the Commission refuses to restructure its communication mode.

JOY 2012 Rebuts

However, JOY 2012 sees nothing wrong with the Commission's way of sending out information.

According to him, the EC Chairperson, Jean Mensa did an excellent job and needs commendation not condemnations.

He said the Electoral Commission in 2012, right from the Voter registration exercise to the elections had a very smooth communication.

“I haven’t seen any peaceful election which was organized in this manner. This is the only election with no queues . . . Let the Citizen Know was fantastic,” he said.

EC’s let the Citizen Know series

The Electoral Commission (EC) on Wednesday July 8 2020 launched “LET THE CITIZEN KNOW” Platform at its headquarters in Accra.

Addressing the media at the event, the EC Chairperson, Madam Jean Mensa reiterated the objective of the Electoral Management Body to be fair and transparent in its dealings with the populace ahead of the 2020 Election.

The initiative was used to give updates to Ghanaians on the ongoing Registration Exercise.

"Through you, our dear friends in the Media, we intend to engage with the citizens twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday starting today."

"Using the 'LET THE CITIZEN KNOW' Platform, we will provide the citizens with updates ranging from the number of persons who register per day nationwide, to details on male/female ratios, to the number of persons who use the guarantee system, number of persons who use a form of identification, to name a few," she told the media in her speech.

She said since assuming office in 2018, the Commissioners have endeavoured to bring the Commission to the doorstep of key stakeholders by informing them about their operations.