Second Jab of COVID-19 Starts 19 May

Ghanaians will start receiving second jab of COVID-19 vaccine from 19 May 2021, the presidential advisor on health, Dr Nsiah Asare has said. Speaking to Asaase News, Dr Asare said the Ghana Health Service (GHS) will soon come out with a schedule for the second round of vaccination. 

“So those who took it, the first 10 days of March are between 10-11 weeks. So, they will be the first to be considered, luckily we have everybody’s database, we have people’s phone number and where they live and everything,” he said.

Asare added: “So Ghana Health Service will come out with a schedule and then inform people either through bulk SMS or through announcement on where to go and the time to go.”

Book through an app 
Dr Asare also revealed those who are eligible for the second jab will be allowed to book for the second jab through a special app.

“There is also a vaccine app which when you go to Google Play Store you can get it and then you can book yourself. They will then choose a date for you and the time for you, but everybody will get a bulk SMS,” he told Asaase News.

“So on the 19 May,  when we start the second dose what we will do is we will start with those who took it first i.e. the President, followed by the other people who took it first, followed by those who took it second…”

Ghana receives 350,000 vaccines
Ghana last Friday 7 May, took delivery of 350,000 more AstraZeneca vaccines from the Democratic Republic of Congo through the COVAX initiative.

The vaccines form part of 1.3 million doses out of the 1.7 million doses being redistributed by the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF to Ghana, Comoros, Senegal and Angola.

DR Congo had delayed its AstraZeneca vaccine rollout over fears it could lead to rare blood clotting. UNICEF had earlier indicated that the vaccines distributed under the global COVAX initiative will expire on 24 June hence the redistribution.

The arrival of the vaccines in Ghana is expected to boost government’s drive to administer the second jab to those who had already taken the first shot.

The Minority in Parliament over the weekend warned that any further delay in procuring COVID-19 vaccines may force Ghanaians who have received the first jab to give in to any substandard vaccines.