The Latest Trends in Cosmetic Dermatology: Dr. Kavita Mariwalla Shares Her Insights

The world of beauty is slowly evolving. Over time, people are always on edge to improve on their skin and have it looking vibrant. How the skin is getting treated has changed with time. People have understood the importance of regularly visiting aesthetic dermatologists.

It is better to have a professional treating your skin than only doing it by yourself. Skincare experts best handle all types of skin and beauty issues. Dr. Kavita Mariwalla, one of the best aesthetic dermatologists, sheds light on the top three aesthetic dermatology trends.

Microblading is a trend that most ladies are currently following. People, mostly ladies, have found it better to get their eyebrows tattooed to shape them. It is strenuous to shape and conceal the eyebrows every day. Some agree that just shaping the eyebrows is tedious and requires a make-up artist to do it for them. Requires you to pay for their services and ends up consuming time.

Others have tried using tutorials to get it right; despite that, it uses up time. By getting your eyebrows micro-bladed, you save times that you would have used while trying to shape them every morning.

Dr. Kavita has always advised that the skin needs always to look refreshed and not dried and frozen. Treat your skin out on a micro-needling visit to an aesthetic dermatologist. It will help the skin look lively and young.

Last, since the pandemic attack of Coronavirus, so many people have ended working from the comfort of their homes. Because they are always on their screens, most are battling with hyperpigmentation. With the help of professionals, they give the right products to treat these skin types.

Skincare has become an essential aspect of health that people are now taking seriously. Dr. Kavita has helped her patients boost their confidence because of the excellent results that their skins have shown after she has treated them.