Communique Issued At The End Of A 2-day IPAC Review Workshop On The 2020 Elections

As part of its commitment to strengthen and deepen Ghana’s electoral processes and elections, the Electoral Commission of Ghana held a two (2)-day meeting with the Inter Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) aimed at assessing the processes leading to the 2020 Elections and the Election itself with the view to proposing recommendations for reforms.

In the keynote address, the Chairperson of the Commission, Mrs. Jean Mensa in her opening remarks noted that any learning and assessment processes ought to reflect and take account of successes as well as achievements and possible areas of reform.

She noted that, “as a nation, as a Commission and as stakeholders, it is important that we recognize the feats we achieved through the 2020 electoral processes for the purpose of documenting best practices and experience, and to ensure that the successful strategies we adopted do not fall through the cracks of inordinate fault-finding and critique. Constructive critique is a vital part of any institutional-building and learning process, but so is celebration of success.”

Read attached the full Comminique Issued