The Two Richest Men On Earth Could Not Keep Their Wives Happy, What Hope Do You Have?

Well, take it for what it’s worth, but the two richest men to ever inhabit planet Earth have been divorced from their wives. This starts to beg an alarming question for all of us who are not multi-multi-multi-multi BILLIONAIRES.

If Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos can’t keep their wives happy and keep a successful marriage, what pure luck are we going to have to have to please a woman?

Let’s not play games here and kid ourselves, all marriages are good marriages when money is not a problem or an argument. It’s the second leading cause of all divorces. Not having enough of it will create issues in your marriage, this is a known fact. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have enough money both to last every person on Earth for a significant amount of time. Yet, they still ended up divorced. Why?