WWE Top Study As Most Intelligent Sports Fans

The WWE continues to thrive as the number one professional wrestling company in the world. Fans of the brand will be delighted to hear that a study has found that those who watch it are the most intelligent sports fans in the US.

A remote IQ test was given to 1,006 fans of US sports, many of which are popular all over the world, including NBA, MLB, and NFL. It was WWE that topped the charts as the average IQ of those who watched the brand was 112.60.

In order to qualify for this study, those eligible had to support at least one sport or team across baseball, basketball, football, hockey, motor racing, and wrestling. The demographic identifiers then helped to produce some interesting results.

In the study, put together by the How To Bet – Online Betting Guide and betting odds experts, WWE fans topped the verbal intelligence and logic reasoning sections of the IQ test. They also finished second behind the NHL in mathematical ability and visual reasoning.

There was also a boost for the WWE as those fans who supported individuals or a specific sports team, it was WWE Universal Championship holder Roman Reigns whose supporters topped the standings with an IQ of 126.4, while Daniel Bryan fans were second with an IQ of 122.2.

NHL Not Far Behind WWE

NHL is a close second in the results as the average score for the fanbase of the hockey league is 112.30. Those who follow NHL closely scored particularly strong in mathematical ability and visual reasoning.

To finish above the NFL, NBA, and MLB will be seen as a big success for supporters of hockey. Often those brands compare themselves against each other when it comes to television ratings, success around the globe, and commercial interest. This study maps the biggest hockey league in the world ahead of its rivals.

NHL has two teams inside the top five when the study was broken down by supporters of specific teams. Boston Bruins fans were third with an average IQ of 120.3. They were then followed by Detroit Red Wings who came in at 118.6.

New York Rangers were also in the top 10 with an IQ of 117.1, which was higher than any of the other New York-based teams such as New York Knicks (NBA) and New York Giants (NFL).

Not Great Reading For NASCAR And LA Dodgers

At the opposite end of the table, it was NASCAR fans who came in with the lowest average IQ of 95.20. They were the only fanbase who came in below 100.00 in the standings.

NASCAR followers were ranked bottom in the verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, and visual reasoning sections of the test. They were fourth in the logical reasoning, with NFL and MLB fans below them there.

When the study broke down the least intelligent sports fans by team, it is the Los Angeles Dodgers from the MLB who have the unwanted top spot. Their fans have an average IQ of 99.2. The 2020 World Series winners sit just above the New York Yankees, whose fans average at 97.6, while Team Penske supporters in NASCAR have an IQ of 96.4

Those sports and teams which have scored well in the study will no doubt be using the data for bragging rights with rival fans. On the flip side, those who haven’t scored well, will be choosing to concentrate on other metrics such as sporting success from their team