Ghanaian Men Are Short – Stephanie Benson Explains As She Shows Off Beautiful Daughters' Boyfriends

Ghanaian men seem to be just okay when it comes to their height, but they woefully fall short when it comes to pairing up with Stephanie Benson’s daughters.

The never-aging Ghanaian Queen of Jazz has been blessed with five children, three of whom are female. Unfortunately for anyone who banked their hopes on snatching their hearts, all three have grabbed them some suitors.

The proud mama posted pictures of her dashing daughters all coupled up with their partners on her Twitter page.

A commenter observed that none of the partners were Ghanaian, obviously unhappy about the fact.

Stephanie took her time to explain how come no Ghanaian man was good enough for any of her daughters. According to her, all the nice guys the girls met when they were in Ghana were deficient in height.

Apparently, her daughters are all over 5ft 8in, otherwise, she would have been pleased to have a Ghanaian son-in-law.

A quick Google search shows that the average Ghanaian man is 5ft 7in tall while the average Ghanaian woman is 5ft 2in. Clearly, there is nothing “average” about the half-Caucasian daughters of Stephanie Benson. One of them is 6ft tall for crying out loud.

Ghanaian men have copped a stray L and once again and this time it’s through no fault of theirs. Tall, glamorous women like Stephanie’s daughters who like to rock high heels can be pardoned for desiring nothing short of 5’7.

Here are The Ladies of the Family and their Partners. ❤️

— Stephanie Benson (@StephanieBLive) July 14, 2021