Saddick Adams Writes: Same Ghana People With Different Attitudes Six Thousand Kilometres Apart...

Days ago at Heathrow Airport, a British Airways flight from Accra with over 320 travellers landed.
Passengers with EU and British Passport would use another exit while those with Ghana and other passports use another entry point.

At the Immigration check point, there were over twelve counters but only one was checking on passengers. Over 300 passengers. Only one teller. We be in the queue for over forty minutes and it didn't move more than an inch.
Everyone looked incensed and depressed with the situation. But everyone was mum and stayed in lane.
People will occasionally turn their necks to give some ugly looks and gasp tsw. Still, we kept our lanes and most importantly, kept quiet.

One hour thirty minutes or so, we still getting to our turn. Big men, small men, all standing with some leaning on their bags and others with hands at the back like students. I tapped one young man and asked, would we remain this quiet and disciplined if we encounter Immigration officers at Kotoka in a similar situation on our return?

Are we not going to shout and throw our 2 by 4 British accent on them for being incompetent? Can you imagine the commotion we'd have caused? With one teller serving us all while other officers walked to and fro with remaining counters unoccupied?

He smiled.

One by one, we left, after being served at snail's pace. Nobody raised a voice at the Officers.
We have our problems. Very very serious problems. But wanting systems to work includes trusting and respecting the system.

*Saddick Adams also known as Sports Obama is a Ghanaian sports journalist and winner of the GJA awards in 2018 for his work in sports journalism.