I Turned Down A Gay Movie Role – Adjetey Anang Recounts 'Crazy' Ordeal

Failing to disclose the title of the movie, the renowned actor said he turned down that particular role because he was required to act naked scenes.

“I turned down a role on homosexuality. It was requesting me to be in briefs and some scenes naked. I mean, these were pretty early days for me, and I didn’t want to position myself to be showing my butt to the world,” he said.

Asides from the homosexuality factor, Adjetey Anang said he refused to participate in the movie because the story had no proper direction.

“The story had no position where the story states the stance on the issue whether they were for it or against it. The producer was just throwing things in there dangerously for the public, and I wasn’t prepared for a storyline like that,” he stated.

“You know people haven’t really accepted that or people were not even beginning to question or find details of this culture or lifestyle, and here I was projecting this character,” he added.

Meanwhile, scores of Ghanaian celebrities have defended the rights of homosexuals in the country.

The likes of Sister Derby, Wanlov the Kubolor, Lydia Forson and have taken to social media to condemn the passage of the anti-LGBT bill which is currently being laid before parliament.