It's Not Habitual...I'll Not Apologise For Smoking - Sarkodie Slams Critics

Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has refused to apologize for circulating photographs that captured him smoking a cigar.
On the occasion of his birthday, Sarkodie released the said pictures, courting controversy.

A number of civil society organizations (CSOs) condemned the act and called on him to render an apology, stressing that he could influence the youth to engage in smoking.

But justifying his reason for smoking cigars, the rapper revealed that the concept was to celebrate his success in the entertainment industry.

Although he reckons that smoking a cigar is a bad act, Sarkodie intimated that he wasn’t a habitual smoker.

Speaking on Hitz FM on Monday, Sarkodie said, “first, let me make it clear, smoking is not good but if you do a little research on cigars, in my world of entertainment, it’s for celebrating success and achievements.” He added, "If you see the athletes that is what they do, they don’t smoke on regular basis but when they have something to celebrate that is when they use it.”

Sarkodie noted that there were other people who had done worse things but never been rebuked. He added that he does not know who to apologize to.

“The only thing that threw me off is expecting me to apologize which I get it; that’s how we are in our culture. It’s very disrespectful to say that… but I don’t know who to apologize to for holding a cigar,” the 36-year-old said.

He added, “There are a lot of people who have done worse but I was the only person they singled out and it’s a good thing, I get it but they shouldn’t tell me to apologize.”