Police Dog Sniffs Out Suspects Who Gangraped And Murdered Woman In India (video)

VADODARA: An indefatigable 18-month-old female Dobermann, a member of Vadodara rural cops’ dog squad for about a month now, has proved to be the ‘Holmes’ among canines, yet again. Jawa took less than half an hour to end a ghastly murder story by leading cops right up to six criminals who raped and killed a 38-year-old woman.

Displaying high athleticism, sharp focus and a tenaciously determined sense of purpose the dog sniffed a dupatta and a bottle on the crime spot and started walking in the northern direction. It walked continuously for around 2 kilometres, through fields and bushes until it crossed the busy Ahmedabad-Mumbai railway line and entered a tent where it started barking agitatedly — making it significantly clear that she arrived at her goal — leading to the arrest of six men on Tuesday.