This Is A Great Achievement – NSA Boss On Ghana’s Performance In The Olympic Games

The Director-General of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Professor Peter Twumasi has once again, expressed his excitement for Ghana’s performance in the just-ended Olympic Games in Japan.

Ghana won only one medal in the just ended Olympic Games in Japan capital Tokyo despite traveling with fourteen athletes.

It was boxer Samuel Takyi who won the country a bronze medal – a feast the West African country last achieved in 1992 while in the process to become a republican country.

Speaking on Luv FM in an interview, Professor Peter Twumasi believes the fourteen athletes did remarkably well despite winning only a single medal.

He labelled Ghana’s performance as a great achievement, a thing he believes has brought much joy for him as the Director-General of the National Sports Authority

“Something of this nature has never happened before, it is real and for us this is the first time that Ghanaians who have worked harder as athletes and officials, represented the nation [Ghana] in such an important competition. ” he said.
” This is the mother of all competitions and to be able to come home with a medal is something amazing. They met the President [Akufo-Addo] for the presentation – the very first time we had one was 1992 prior to the commencement of fourth republic, since then, we have never won a medal at the Olympics before, so this is a very great achievement”, Professor Twumasi added during the interview on the Kumasi-based radio station.

Professor Peter Twumasi reiterated that though some Ghanaians are complaining of the extravagant reception given to the athletes, the incredible and amazing performance of the athletes warrant the warm reception given them.

“People are saying it’s only a medal but if you look at the performance, the medal is the ultimate appreciation of the performance of the team, and that’s why President Akufo-Addo had to give them such a reception. Before the games, they promised the president a medal and it has come to pass”, he added.

He continued that, ” I think I have to be very proud of myself because it never happened to many of my predecessors, the athletes did well in Morocco [African Games] and astonished many of us with amazing performance in the Olympic Games too. ”
On Ghana’s preparations for the next Olympic Games next two years in Paris, Professor Peter Twumasi revealed that the government is on course to draw a plan for the country to achieve more in the next Olympic Games.