Guinea Coup A Step Backwards - Museveni

Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has called on coup leaders in Guinea to "get out", saying that the takeover was a "step backward".

"They should be told to get out because they are not the solution for the country," Mr Museveni told France 24.

"We had them [coups] in the 1960s - they were part of Africa's problems so I condemn the coup [in Guinea]".

Guinea's three-term President Alpha Conde was removed from power on Sunday by soldiers from the army's special forces unit.

They accused him of mismanagement and corruption.

The coup has been widely condemned outside the West African nation, but many Guineans have expressed support for the ousting of Mr Condé, 83, while urging the army to facilitate a return to civilian rule.

Mr Museveni also told France24 that his decision to accept 2,000 Afghan refugees was based on "humanitarian" grounds.