The Passing Away of Mrs Madaga Adabu-Boye

Around the time she clocked 85 years old, Mrs Madaga Adabu�s goal was to live as a centenarian. She was a woman so full of life and its joys that her sudden and unexpected passing away after short illness, has left her family and friends not only heart-wrenching but also, disappointments and spiritual vacuum. Young Madaga loved raising livestock, she continued throughout her adult life. She brought to world five children, including twins, and supported her husband in the mundane of Gold Coast Police. When she peacefully passed away at Navrongo Hospital, she had finally found an abode where she felt at home. Yet her funeral and burial at Chuchuliga this week will be overflowed with those mourning the untimely loss of such a treasure. Madaga grew up as an outstanding country girl, conscious of Gold Coast�s history and what education could bring. She is an infallible guide to the new breeds of Ghana Police wives. Madaga came to world on 06 June 1926, in Chiana, Upper East Region of Ghana, to a farming family. She is one of the three children of the late Mr Magada Awar and Mrs Afokge. Madaga grew up together with her two elder siblings- Avaava Abigya, who is the deceased�s elder sister and the late Akatse Atibia- her older brother, at Chiana. She got married to then Gold Coast Constabulary Abigchab Boye- known otherwise by friends and associates as �Aboye�, in the 1950s. The late Aboye joined the Gold Coast Constabulary in the 1940s and was among the first wave of servicemen, drafted into the Burma campaign in 1944. He retired as a corporal after the war and rejoined the Gold Coast Police in 1955. Although nature had its own ups and downs, Madaga whom we mourn today, once described the service of her husband who passed away in April 1999, as good and positive life experience in serving one�s country- once as a soldier and later as a police officer . She never regretted being part in that measure. The late Sergeant was awarded various medals including long service with good conduct. Aboye rose through the ranks to Sergeant and was appointed a barracks Sergeant at Korle-Bu Police station, where he eventually retired with long service with good conduct after 21years service. The professional antennary of the family Boyes which began at Gambaga, sailed young Madaga across some of the major cities such as Tamale, Takoradi, Koforidua and Accra, where Sergeant Boye, had the privilege to serve Ghana and finally relocated to Chuchuliga, his holy village, when he retired in 1976. In all these heights, Madaga remained an active and indeed the burning life-wire in the lives of the family Boyes. So it might not be an exaggeration to deduce that one of Madaga�s greatest achievements as a housewife, is not just the bringing to world of five boys but also, bequeathing to family and country five gallant men, who are positively, serving humanity in various capacities. From farming to banking, the name Boye, radiates humility and trust. Madaga was a prudent wife and mother. Despite the hassles in being a wife of policeman in Ghana, she helped invested every pesewa in her children�s education. Her enthusiasm for the best possible education or training for the child which most of our Gold Coasters, including young Madaga, missed, brought her to the attention of bankers. Her eldest son- Francis Abigchab Boye, who is Becky�s better-half, is a successful banker, currently working on his own. Bernard Abigchab Boye, who has Vinolia Kpodo as princess, is with the Ghana Police Force and he is a Superintendent of Police (CID, in-charge of courts). But these are not all. Mrs Madaga Adabu-Boye built up a portfolio of professionals and tradesmen which included Anthony Alhassan Boye (London), Fuseini Boye and Jerry John Boye, who are respectively, predestined with Nana Serwaa, Ekua and Josephine, as wives. Whereas Alhassan served with the 64 Infantry Regiment as soldier, Fuseini is currently engaged as a security officer at the Korle-Bu Hospital. Jerry is an officer cadet at Police College, Tesano, in Accra. It might have been noticed that for many years, Madam Madaga Adabu-Boye combined care of the home and children, supporting the family not only through rearing of livestock but also petty trading. She was foresighted, dedicated and sympathetic individual, who devotedly, shepherded both family and friends. It came as no surprised that she was appointed Magajia at Korle-Bu Police Station around 1973. For those who might have experienced barracks life, it would be recalled that the position of Magajia among service wives, is not a reservoir of the disorganized, let alone the shabby fainted lazy candidate. Madam Madaga Adabu-Boye has indeed paid her rightful and precious dues to nation and society. So the �Big Five� in her life, including their families, friends and associates, have this heart-felt farewell tribute: �We little knew the day that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, In death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you But you didn�t go alone. For part of us went with you The day God called you home. Left us peaceful memories. Your love is still our guide, And though we cannot see you You are always at our side. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again.� The crux here is that the �family chain is broken but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.� Mrs Madaga Adabu-Boye has been greatly interested in the lives of her sons and grandchildren and those she comes across in life and looks forward to seeing them grow to become responsible citizens. Those who came in contact with Mrs Adabu-Boye describe her as charitable and compassionate person. It is said that few find so much in life to enjoy, spread so much joy around them, and leave so many so saddened by their going. Mrs Adabu-Boye was one of such blessed mothers. Her Big, Five- Francis, Bernard, Alhassan, Fuseini and John, might have inherited her love of education and motivational story telling�. We at The JusticeGhana Samaritan Project, is privileged to be part of this special compilation. Brief Profile Highlights Mrs Madaga Adabu-Boye left behind eight (8) grandchildren [Belinda, Roberta, Francis, Don, Donna, Laura, Loula and Awen] as well as four (4) great-grandchildren [Seyram, Kofi, Asiome and Yela]. *Mrs Madaga Adabu-Boye, born 06 June 1926; widowed with (five sons); passed away on 05 April 2011. Funeral/Burial: Saturday, 28 May 2011 at 8am, at Family Home, Chuchulga, Upper East Region, Ghana There will also be a Thanks-giving church service in London in her honour at Living Tower Ministry, Methodist Church Hall, Forest Gate, Woodgrange Road, London, E7 0QH. Officiating Priest- Rev. Brew Tandor.