CEX.IO Is The First No Commission Crypto Platform As Crypto Demand Increases

CEX.io, which is among the most popular Bitcoin exchanges in Ghana as well as around the world, has recently become the first zero commission crypto margin trading platform around the world.

The CEX.IO Broker announced recently that it would eliminate all of the fees as well as commissions associated with crypto margin trading, making it the first such platform to do so. One of the main reasons for this is the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies as well as on the crypto trading market around the world.

 In fact, the number of crypto users around the world had doubled in just several months from January to June in 2021. The number of regular crypto investors, as well as traders looking to benefit from short-term price fluctuations, increased a lot.

Although such short-term trading is very popular in the market, it is very common for crypto short-term traders to not be able to make high profits mainly due to the trading fees, which can eat up a significant section of the profits.

The team behind the broker said that they understand how much fees can impact the final profits made by traders using short-term strategies. According to the CEX.IO representatives, this is one of the main reasons why they decided to introduce commission-free trading. Thanks to this step, the clients of the company are now able to trade all of the pairs available on CEX.IO broker without worrying about losing all of their positions to higher fees.

The company has long been working on making services more accessible for its clients. This is another step taken by CEX.IO aimed at making crypto trading easier for their clients. There are numerous other things that the company has done over the past few years to make crypto trading easier for beginners.

One of those things is that CEX.IO is working very hard to expand the mix of available trading assets, to fit the needs of traders of all different backgrounds and interests.

Accessible Services for Traders Globally

CEX.IO is one of the brokers working very hard to make sure that everyone can access the trading market. A recent step was taken by CEX.IO to further support the development of crypto trading and let beginners become part of the market a lot easier.

CEX.IO Group is a huge ecosystem that is growing very fast. One of their products is CEX.IO Broker, which is a very fast, efficient, and user-friendly margin trading platform that offers very high flexibility for its clients. The broker was created to let traders benefit from both, uptrends and downtrends in the market.

With margin trading offered by CEX.IO, traders are able to make higher profits. However, while it has been used by traders for a very long time, many were not able to make significant profits due to the fees associated with crypto trading.

Now that the fees and commissions are non-existent, crypto short-term traders have the ability to make profits even from the slightest movements in the crypto asset’s prices.

CEX.IO & Ghana’s Trading Market

CEX.IO services are available around the world. It stands to be one of the most popular platforms in Ghana, where a lot of traders are using its services. Since there are not so many options for trading cryptocurrencies in Ghana, CEX.IO is seen as a revolutionary platform giving local traders access to the market.

The cryptocurrency trading in Ghana is regulated and controlled by the Bank of Ghana, which is the central bank of the country. The country regulated crypto trading with a special guideline created for digital and virtual currencies operations in Ghana.

Over the years, cryptocurrencies have become very popular in the country. In fact, it is estimated that over 900,000 people in the country own cryptocurrencies, which is about 3 percent of the population.

According to new data published in 2021, P2P Bitcoin volume has significantly surged in Ghana in the first quarter of 2021. In 2020, the central bank of the country announced that it was working on an idea to pilot a digital currency. The information about this was announced by the first deputy of the BoG Governor back in 2020.

The interest in the cryptocurrency industry is truly huge in Ghana. This is true for the population of the country as well as the government. From the steps taken by the country’s central bank, it can be said that further popularization and growth of crypto in the country are very much expected.

But, it is not only Ghana that is on the same track. Numerous countries and parts of Africa have shown a huge interest in the cryptocurrency trading market as well as the cryptocurrencies themselves. There are numerous reasons behind this, one of them being the experience of these countries with fiat currencies and the high inflation.

For many people in the country, cryptocurrencies are the way out of the current situation. The steps taken by companies like CEX.IO support the cryptocurrency industry to become more accessible for people around the world.