Illegal Electricity Connections Must Stop: Shadrach Owusu Writes

Picture having a sales business which is aimed at making sufficient profit within a period, and even before the business starts, you cannot account for about 30 percent of things sold. How would you grow such a business? What is the guarantee of the sustenance of a business with such losses? (It is just not possible in my opined view).

This is the ordeal the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is facing at the moment; the inability to recoup revenue from electricity distributed to you and I. Let me hasten to add that this inability is not because of their corporate incompetence, but mainly because of the canker of ILLEGAL CONNECTIONS.

While some citizens are diligently paying for the electricity consumed, others have transmogrified into finding ways to evade the metering system or illegally connecting the lines without meters. It is maniacally bewildering that now, others travel as far as neighbouring countries such as Togo to purchase meters to use in Ghana just so that their consumption cannot be monitored, thus evading the bills.

These people are robbing you and I. Not only are we being robbed, but the government is being robbed as well. It is high time we grimaced at such activities going on in this country.

Let me say prestissimo, that the newly launched revenue protection task force under the Matthew Opoku Prempeh administration has all the necessary support of the government and I am rather gladdened that harsh penalties would be meted out to culprits.

If we are to consume the electricity, we must pay for it. The power generation, transmission and distribution players need the money to keep up the good work and to keep our lights stable and reliable.

Lets say NO to illegal connection. Lets do the right thing.