Ghanaians Should Strive For Unity - NCCE

Ghanaians have been urged to strive for peace and unity at all cost.

This is because no matter what challenges might pertain, the country could only develop when there was political stability.

Madam Lucille Hewlett Annan, Greater Accra Regional Director, National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), said this in Accra, at a day's sensitization programme on national cohesion.

She said Ghana was a unitary state, with a constitution that protected each citizen equally.

Madam Annan said even when people felt the need to express some misgivings or pent-up feelings, the country's constitution allowed that, adding that such expression, however, had to be done in a manner that didn't compromise peace and security.

She reminded the public that in the quest for improvement, every nation was bound to encounter challenges.

Madam Annan said the solution to such challenges, was not to create chaos and a hostile atmosphere but to forge ahead in peace and unity as much as possible.

She reminded the public that there was now a law against vigilantism in the country, and violating that law could attract a jail term of many years.

Mr. Carlos Kinka, Assembly Member, Odododiodoo constituency, said employing the youth in productive ventures, was key to curtailing political violence in the country.

He said young people who indulged in political violence were largely unemployed and in effect, vulnerable to negative influence.

The workshop was held by the NCCE, with support from the Ministry of National Security.