GENELAB Launches State Of The Art DNA Analysis Services

Laboratory service provider, Genelab, has introduced a new state of the art DNA testing capabilities through the acquisition of Compact Spectrum CE system.

The Compact Spectrum is an automated 4-capillary electrophoresis instrument designed for a wide range of DNA fragment analysis such as paternity testing and Sanger sequencing.

The facility, an addition to the company’s services, is expected to provide solutions such as forensic test, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequencing and paternity test.

The state-of-the-art Promega Spectrum Compact which is the first of its kind in West Africa will provide efficient access to high end molecular biological services.

Speaking to the media in Accra, the Director of GeneLab, Dr Yaw Ofori-Adjei said the move is an effort to improve health care delivery by making available necessary equipment that could assist in conducting relevant tests.

“We have the aim of being the go to center, where previously unavailable tests in this country will now be made readily available to individuals to promote health care delivery, especially in terms of rapid response of test that will take about two to three weeks, sometimes even longer, because the request has to be sent outside the country for analysis to be done,” he said.

He added that, Genelab medical professionals saw the delay as a big gab limiting urgent care of patients and for that matter has made the effort to invest in the promega spectrum that is a first of its kind in the sub-Region.

“Currently we should be able to do DNA analysis for forensic, paternity testing or relationships between other individuals and to do this with an accuracy level of 99.9 percent accuracy”, he said.

On the part of academic knowledge, he said, the compact spectrum will assist in the generation of a broad knowledge on diseases to help treat them better.

He was quick to add that, his outfit is open to collaborate with any academic or research institution adding that Genelab is interested in producing data that can be relevant for the Ghanaian environment, to better improve health care system in the country.

He explained that: "Even with the COVID-19 gene or the viruses that are causing the disease, because of the equipment at hand now, we will be able to learn more about the disease process in our effort to make a stride in health care".

In terms of employment, Dr. Ofori-Adjei said the center will make room to engage molecular Biologist who previously did not have anywhere to practice.

DNA Paternity Testing at GeneLab

GeneLab as part of its molecular testing services has added the testing of biological relationships based on DNA to its core business aside from its other business of Covid-19 testing.

Dr. Ofori-Adjei said the laboratory employs the state-of-the-art Capillary Electrophoresis device from the Promega Spectrum Compact CE system in conducting its analysis. This Spectrum Compact CE is the only installation in West Africa.

The laboratory also employs the use of standard cheek cell samples and 27 STR loci marker in its sample analysis presenting a highly discriminatory test result comparable to any global standard.

GeneLab presents a state of the art solution to the general public who wish to attempt DNA testing for parentage determination, immigration (visa acquisition), academic research and to forensic laboratories mainly in Ghana and across the globe.

About GeneLab

GeneLab is a wholly Ghanaian owned molecular biology lab that has been set up to offer modern genetic and biomedical tests in Accra, East Legon.

The company has a state-of-the-art molecular lab leveraging a sophisticated infrastructure to perform real-time quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (“PCR”) for DNA and RNA testing.

The facility has been certified by the Health Facility Regulatory Agency (HeFRA), Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Ministry of Health to provide services including Covid-19 PCR tests.

GeneLab is one of the latest facility which has been built to support the fight against the pandemic.